Moving on, a new blog

Hello all. I would like to tell you all about my new blog,

I realised that I have been writing more than just travel stories recently and I wanted to expand upon what I have started with this blog. As a result, The Overend was created with the intention of sharing my stories, thoughts and opinions on whatever the world has to offer. Posting those kind of things didn’t seem right for a travel blog.

So, thank you to all my readers over the years and I hope you will pop over to see the new blog. It is currently being edited but the first post is up, a subject about middle-age…

Come on over, have a read, share, follow, like and all that!

Thanks again,


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Download Festival 2018

Download 1I love a good festival, which is why I’m a bit disappointed after this weekend’s ‘jolly’ down at Donington for the Download Festival. This is a festival I have been to many times over the years and I normally have a good time, but this year I left feeling a bit underwhelmed.

It didn’t get off to a good start as my tickets never arrived. I should have taken this as an omen. On the way down, things didn’t get much better as the exit I needed for the festival was being dug up. After a thirty-minute detour (and lots of swearing at the lack of U-turn availability), I finally made it into the carpark. I traipsed off to the gig.

There were only three bands that I really wanted to see on the Saturday, Thunder, Black Stone Cherry and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Seeing as they were on last, I wandered about from stage to stage for a few hours. I saw some good bands but nothing memorable. I went to watch Corrosion of Conformity but after a fifteen-minute delay getting on stage, all I got was an assault on my ears. I promptly left. Continue reading

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A day trip(per) to Liverpool


I found myself driving down to Liverpool on Friday night. My partner was working there over the weekend and we had arranged to meet up and spend the Saturday afternoon roaming around the city.

Driving down the motorways from Newcastle to Liverpool isn’t very exciting, especially in a sensible car. The Highways Agency are aware of this and so keep you on your toes and make the journey a bit more interesting, they have developed a method of randomly putting out road cones along the hard shoulder. As it takes a long time to put out thousands of bright orange road cones down the motorway, they make you slow down to 50 miles per hour to allow you to marvel at their handiwork. As everyone is driving at the same speed, it allows your mind to wander and you find yourself thinking ‘how do they get them so evenly spaced?’ and ‘how do they get the lights to blink in order?’ After a while though, you just get fed up of them. Continue reading

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Friday Fancy – Corregidor


Corregidor courtesy of Google Maps

A Friday Fancy for the weekend. A few months ago, a friend of mine was reading my blog post about Fort Jefferson and Dry Tortugas and collared me. “Here,” he said, “I know where your next Friday Fancy should be – Corregidor, it’s a fort in the Philippines.”

“Does it have cannons?” I asked? I love a good cannon. He told me a bit more about it and I was sold. “Go on then, how do you spell it?” Continue reading

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London Baby! [part 4]

Millennium Dome 4Our final day in London started off by catching up with a friend for breakfast and then a train ride to the Millennium Dome (again). This time we were going to go to the top of the dome via the ‘Up at the O2’ attraction. After a quick debrief from our tour guide, we donned some overalls and a harness and set off.

To get to the top of the dome, a blue walkway had been suspended a couple of metres above the roof so you weren’t actually walking on the top of the structure. As the walkway was suspended, there was a bit of bounce to it but it was fairly easy to walk up. It was even wheelchair accessible. Continue reading

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Friday Fancy – Iceland


Iceland courtesy of Google Maps

It’s been ages since I’ve written a ‘Friday Fancy’; I’ve not run out of places I want to visit, I just haven’t been very good at blogging recently! So where else would I like to visit in the world? Iceland! Continue reading

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A Town called Horden

After a series of events, I found myself in a town called Horden for the evening. It’s small, by the coast and not far from Peterlee. It’s not one of those seaside towns that sell postcards though.

My mates were playing a gig at the Horden Catholic Club and I went down to watch them. Before the gig, I needed some money so went off in search of a cash machine. I had an interesting walk and took it all in.

The area of Horden I passed through consisted of rows upon rows of terraced houses. The majority of them were either to let or boarded up, with the boarding ranging from black bin liners to full on metal grates. It was a bit grim.

As I picked my footing around the dog mess, I passed some people in the street talking about so and so who broke into wherever and made his getaway over the back fences. I kept walking.

I found the high street and subsequently the bank. All the shops were closed, but whoever sold roller shutter doors in that area must have made a fortune. I got my cash and headed back.

On the way back I noticed that some of the houses had used spray paint to identify which number they were. It was effective and fit in with the feel of the place.

I got back to the venue and watched the band. The gig was good but the place was pretty empty. I’m guessing the Catholic Club in Horden isn’t the place to be on a Saturday night. I won’t be going back in a hurry.

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