October 2016

It’s October, which means I’ve been blogging properly for a month. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site so far, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. If you’re looking at this for the first time, take a look at what you’ve missed out on!

There’s been a tale about a couple I met one Christmas in Cologne:


A story about what can happen with a sports car:


A thrilling adventure on a mountain:


And a review of a festival which is sadly no longer with us:


 So what does October have in store? Something new will be posted every Wednesday including a story about drones and castles, a boat trip with side-effects down under, another festival write-up and the answer to the question – what can you find in the boot of a Lotus? I’ll be interested to see some of your thoughts in the comments section…

Finally, I will be adding a Musical Note every weekend giving my thoughts on the bands and music I enjoy and the reasons why I enjoy them so much.

Happy October everyone, you’ll hear from me soon!


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