December 2016

It’s December, which means Christmas is coming (and the goose is getting fat)! It also means that I’ve been blogging for three months! I read somewhere that most new blogs don’t make it this far, but thanks to all the support, followers and ‘likes’ (and the fact that I enjoy writing it so much), I’m still here!

I was away for most of November, catching some winter sun in Florida. We were that busy, I’m surprised I managed to blog as much as I did. This month, I’m going to keep going with the same set-up, Monday Musical Notes, Friday Fancies and keep Wednesday as the main feature. I’ll also be expanding properly into Twitter and Instagram (and YouTube too).

Seeing as it is nearly Christmas, I have a special story about Penguins in Australia to blog about this month, as well as the car story that never appeared in November. The regular readers may have noticed that I made it to Key West, so I’ll let you know how that lived up to my expectations. I’ll throw in a festival story too.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable December and that it rounds off the year nicely for you. In the meantime, enjoy!


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