A Proposal

I have been very busy this last month and car shopping has dominated most of my free time, but there was also something else I did a few weeks ago which has made me extra busy and not able to write anything; I asked my partner to marry me! You’ll be happy to know she said yes!

She had gone to visit her mum for the weekend and I used car shopping as an excuse not to join her. Secretly though, I used the time to go ring shopping, but I’ll talk about that another time.

While she was away, I blitzed the flat as it was a bit of a mess. I cleared the table and bought her favourite flowers, white tulips. I even trimmed them, arranged them, fed them and put them in a vase (florists would charge a fortune for that). The Valentine’s Day cards were still out so I put one either side of the vase, as well as a few other decorations to make for an eye-catching scene.

In the middle of all this horticultural amazingness, my brother rang. When I told him that I had been ring shopping all day, he asked where I was thinking of proposing. I told him right here, in the flat.

“That’s not very romantic!” he snubbed, to which I got a bit cross.

“You should see what I’ve done!” I replied using a louder voice than normal. “I’ve blitzed the flat, bought her favourite flowers and decorated the table! I’ve even written a poem, and if that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is!”

My brother apologised and told me to let him know how it went.

When she called me to collect her from the train station, I hid the ring in a coat pocket in the hallway as I didn’t want her to feel the box when she hugged me (that would have given the game away). I couldn’t wait to see her, partly because we’d arranged to grab something to eat in town and I was pretty hungry.

“What are your thoughts on food then?” I asked when I got there.

“I’m not feeling it, I just want to go home and collapse on the settee.”

‘Ah’, I thought. “You sure? I thought you were up for a curry earlier?”

I got the same response and she looked at me with a face that told me that the train journey had been a bit of a naff one. “Can we order a takeaway?”

After agreeing, we jumped in the car and headed home. Thankfully, when we got in, her mood lifted at the sight of the flowers. “You’ve bought me flowers, thank you!” and she went over to look at them. While she was distracted, I snuck the ring into my back pocket. “And what’s this?” she asked, pointing to a folded piece of paper with her name on it.

“I wrote you a poem ‘cus I thought it would cheer you up”. She glanced at it, thanked me and gave me a hug.

“You read that quick” I said, and she admitted that she hadn’t actually read it. She turned round and looked at it again and after a minute, gave me another hug. “That’s so thoughtful, it’s lovely” she said.

The poem was acrostic and I had hidden a message in it where the first letter on every line read ‘Will you marry me’ and I had a sneaky feeling that she hadn’t seen it, so I prompted her to read it again. “Did you read it properly?” I asked. She looked at me. “Have another look” I told her and she turned round and examined the poem very thoroughly this time and gasped. When she span round, I was down on one knee.

After about half an hour of tears, laughing and admiration of the ring, reality returned and I thought it was appropriate to ask her another question to which she also said yes to – “Can we order that curry now? I’m starving!”

I’ll let you know how the wedding planning goes…

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