Last year for our honeymoon, we went to Iceland for a week to chill out after a pretty hectic twelve months. I’d like to say things have calmed down a bit but they haven’t as since then we have bought a house and given birth to our beautiful son. Life has never been busier!

However, when I do get the chance to sit down between the piles of ironing and unopened post, I like to reminisce about those care free days which seem so long ago now. The wee man is only six weeks old but in that time he has turned our lives upside-down. It also means it’s been six weeks since I last cleaned the shower…

Anyway, Iceland. What a majestic country. Everyone should go. When we flew out, the Beast from the East had just hit the UK and so it was warmer in Iceland than it was back home. As the hotel had BBC News 24 on all the time, we got to see all the disruption that a little bit of snow normally causes our ‘Great’ British Isles and, to be honest, felt rather embarrassed by it all.

We did a lot whilst we out there, we did the Golden Circle tour, we saw the Northern Lights (three times), we went snowmobiling across a glacier in a snowstorm to see an ice cave and we saw pretty much everything that Reykjavik had to offer (apart from the phallic museum). We even had our honeymoon gate-crashed by some friends, but that’s another story. What I want to talk about today though, is that mega tourist trap, the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon 1

I’m not really one for bathing or swimming. The way I look at life is; I’m not a fish, why do I want to go in the water? Plus, I watched Jaws growing up as a kid! However, we had to go and I wanted to see the place. I took a step out of my comfort zone.

Firstly, the Blue Lagoon isn’t a natural lagoon – the water is pumped there from a hot spring into a large swimming pool. That said, they have made it look like the real deal with all the boulders lying around the place.

When we arrived, we got changed and went for a dip. The water was lovely and warm as you’d expect, which is a blessing seeing as the air temperature was in minus figures. As a result, the steam rising from the water gave the whole place a misty and romantic feel. Unfortunately any chance of romance was quashed by the amount of people rammed into the pool trying to be romantic themselves. The place was crowded. Like I said, it’s a massive tourist trap.

There were a whole range of tourists bobbing along (singing a song) and generally trying their best to convey a happy demeanour with chattering teeth. People were laughing, having drinks and a lot of them were walking around with one hand in the air, as if they were some budget tour guide who couldn’t afford an umbrella.

Blue Lagoon 2

Why were people walking around with one hand in the air? Because they didn’t want to get their phones wet. Yes ladies and gentlemen, in order to capture that relaxing and warming bathing experience the Blue Lagoon has to offer, people were willing to freeze an arm off to show how warm and relaxed they were in the water. I don’t get it. Why can’t people live without their phones for a few hours? Why is documenting the experience as important than the actual experience itself? You’re in a swimming pool! So not only was the lagoon crowded but it was full of people trying to take selfies of each other. Pfft!

Other than that, the lagoon offered many poolside treatments and facial lotions to try (or mud if we’re being honest). As the mud was white, a lot of people were walking around looking like half-arsed KISS fans. I didn’t get involved – it’s not my thing.

After a few hours soaking, we got dry and went for lunch at their luxury eatery, the Lava Restaurant. The food was wonderful and we ate like kings. We also paid a king’s ransom for the meal and it was officially the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten! We didn’t mind though, it was our honeymoon after all; we knew that and we’d made sure the staff knew it too.

As a surprise, our waitress came over after our meal with a marvellous dessert and wished us many congratulations. Her supervisor then popped over and told us ‘it’s complimentary!’ just in case we hadn’t realised.

Would I go back to the Blue Lagoon? Probably not. It was nice and all that but it was too crowded and expensive for what it was. Also, the collections of plastic cups on the rocks and the occasional plastic pint glass floating around kind of took the shine off things. I’d rather go to a smaller bath and chat with the locals. Should you go? Probably, just to experience it. If you do go (or have been), let me know what you thought in the comments. Just don’t send me any of your selfies.