I have lived in the UK all my life. I’ve moved around a bit over the years – I was born in Nottingham but grew up in Blackpool. I studied in Swansea and since then I have gradually moved further and further north for work, returning to Blackpool and then moving to Stockton-on-Tees, Gateshead and now Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The rate I’m going, I’ll be living in Scotland in the next five years!

Given that, I have visited quite a bit of the British Isles over the years and below are the quick-links to my UK travel blog posts. Enjoy!

London Baby [part 1] – A good festival, good food and a not so good hotel!

London Baby [part 2] – A few good exhibitions in London

London Baby [part 3] – A run along the canal with some old friends

London Baby [part 4] – Climbing the Millennium Dome and another exhibition

Wet Wales – A road trip around Wales in the Lotus and the rain!

Sliding Down Snowdon – How not to descend a frozen mountain…

Castles and Drones – A visit to Caernarfon Castle in North Wales with a drone.

The Lotus and the Lochs part one- A road-trip around the Scottish lochs including Loch Ness and Fort Augustus. Find part two here for The Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel.

A Return to Blackpool – My thoughts on my most recent return to Blackpool.


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